Tracey Boakye supports a kidney patient with cash

Muwafaq Yunus
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The actress who recently tied the knot in a colourful wedding ceremony has sent a huge amount of money to a fan who reached out to her for help due to her ailing health.

Apparently, the fan has suffered a kidney failure and needed money for urgent treatment in order to survive.

Upon hearing her plight, Tracey Boakye immediately contacted the lady and requested her MoMo details.

She later sent her a huge amount of money to cater for her hospital bills and also sort out other necessary kinds of stuff needed to restore her health.

The grateful lady has since taken to the internet to trumpet Tracey Boakye’s benevolence towards her.

In a viral screenshot, a message from the lady to Tracey Boakye reads; “Please how can my parents locate you… Thank you”

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