What Are The 3 Definitions Of Health?

What Are The 3 Definitions Of Health?
What Are The 3 Definitions Of Health?

So what are the 3 definitions of health? Well, the term “health” refers to a state of complete physical and mental health. Similarly, health exists to help people maintain optimal health.


If you are here asking, and would you like to know what are the 3 definitions of health? You have actually come to the right place because the three pillars of health include physical, mental, and emotional health.

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Physical Health

Our bodies are complex machines, and we are all caught up in a very complex mechanism that works surprisingly well. Health is, in fact, defined as the ability to function according to the functioning of the human body.
Similarly, physical health refers to the general physical condition of the body at any given time. It is physical health, free from diseases and anomalies, and creates excellent health. Besides, time makes a difference in your body and how it can function normally.
Similarly, to stay healthy, you have to pay attention to internal and environmental factors that can attack the human body or cause genetic dysfunction.
Besides, the leading health problem in the prevention and treatment of diseases caused by trauma and biological attacks

Mental health

Mental health is actually an umbrella term which includes our psychological, emotional and social wellbeing. It affects the actual way we think, feels, and behave. It can actually also help you decide how to deal with stress, relationships, and decisions with others. From childhood through adolescence to adulthood, mental health is essential in all phases of life.
When mental health problems arise in life, they can affect your thinking, mood, and behavior. Many factors cause mental health problems, including:

  • Biological factors like brain chemistry and your genes
  • Similarly, your life experiences such as trauma and abuse
  • Family history of mental health problems

Mental health problems are common but can help. People with mental health problems can recover, and many people can make a full recovery.

Emotional/Spiritual Health

Emotional health is a positive state of mental function. It can be seen as an extension of mental health that makes up our inner and outer worlds and is the “well-functioning” end of thoughts, feelings, and behavior. It includes our shared experience of happiness as we think, feels, and do something about the ups and downs of life.

In order to successfully define emotional health, (nd) quoted the Mental Health Foundation as saying that emotional health is “a positive state of happiness that allows people to function and play a role in society. The needs of everyday life. ”
Improving emotional health is similar to improving physical health and fitness. It goes beyond the simple concept of getting rid of disease and makes you feel good and live well.

Emotional health and happiness involve defining and creating a life worthy of all life, and this concept comes primarily from positive psychology.


Health and wellbeing are the cornerstones for the survival of the human species. We need to make sure that we pay attention to our wellness to live happier and healthier lives.

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