Strongman – Goated Lyrics

Ghanaian lyrical genius, Strongman proves his lyrical prowess on a new project tagged; “Goated” produced by ATown TSB”. Below is the lyrics to the song to enable you sing along.

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Strongman – Goated Lyrics

Ohene me nni hwee ny3 asaase
Ny3 me rap a obiaa de3 mmoase
Wo p3 beef a kae kae wo tirim
na part time me me y3 adwuma nankwase
Me p3 violence menni peace na m’apasse
Me scent no agye baabia Mey3 ap)nkye
Yendi w’at3m still y3 b3 punche
Play dey ur eye top dea pause

Na Woka me a mesu ma wo s3 kunafo) kunu
Sie wo nt3mnt3m tes3 nkramo fo) funu
Flow so cold nti aw) de wo a punu
Mayanka ha de3 aboa bi y3 a kunu
Menny3 game boy charlie but we confirm
3ba no delivery a always I’m on time
Mede b3k) bloom bar ak)hw3 3to) ak3se3 meboa sika no ano awe Ak)nf3m

Me ne bebre na esi mu Jerry aka menkoaa
)ne ne yere gyae 10 yrs mpo a Asew y3nfa atopa na etwa ne mpoa
Forgeti dovlo Mey3 so famous
Woka mea Roberto I’m so callous
Usain bolt level I’m so far gone
Kasa no mpo mante a m3ny3 jargon
Backwards de3 never
U can say whatever
Forget awards Mey3 rapper forever
Akoa yi ne gyimi as3 naija ne eba
Wo kasa a kasa yie na me me ny3 nn3ba

Charley we dey Keep up
Range Rover velar me lines 3ny3 Pick up
Stand up but wop3 s3 wotu me dea sit up
Wony3 singer but this side wo hia backup
Berma shut up
wei y3 Hot sauce
These djokovic niggas wanna Drop shot
Me ne wo nya asem a tantantan s3 obaa )w) afuro a charley )hy3 Crop top
Yeah y3nny3 p3 s3 irregular shape
Ma me kuraba na this is not your regular shit
Wo punche na obiaa anka ho hwee a mma no ny3 wo ya oo Nantwie 3nam zongo a 3nkye traffic

Never question my relevance
Na me ba mpo y3 relevant
Adanko y3 ky3 wo ewiase mogya duro nyinaa koraa wontumi ndane elephant
M’arelaxi me ny3 dede s3 ntotora
Y3 mo s3 mada a hommy na me t3 nkura
Nk)korafo) ntumi me a ny3 nkoraa
S3be wonhu s3 mete rap a wani afira

Me Punche s3 Tyson
Forgeti the hyping
Flow so enticing
Me rap y3 exciting
Adea 3te y3 nt3m no 3ny3 hyphen
Buokrom boy ny3 ade3 a mesuro ne fighting
headmaster metwa moakyi mpire
Sekan kuri mano awu 3ny3 kontomire
Ghana rapper bia mehyia no bia metu mmire
3y3 mo s3 moab3n me a still mo w) akyire

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