Ghana’s Top 10 Musicians in 2024: Updated

From Highlife to Dancehall: 10 Ghanaian Artists You Need to Hear Now!

Ghana’s Top 10 Musicians in 2024: Updated

Hey music lovers! Ghana music is hotter than ever, and we can’t get enough of it! We’re diving into the freshest sounds around, all thanks to a cool study from Research 8020 Limited.

Hey everyone, just a heads up! After a bunch of protests from the folks in Ghana, the guys over at Research 8020 Limited have finally updated their list. Yep, they’ve added Black Sherif and taken Joe Mettle off the list.

So, we hit them up to get the scoop on how they pulled together this list. We’re just hanging out, waiting for the lowdown. Keep your eyes peeled!

Research 8020 Limited conducted a research study to establish a list of top-ranking musicians in Ghana in early 2024. The study popularly dubbed ‘CelebrityWatch’ was designed to provide empirical, factual, and accurate data about who are the most popular musicians in Ghana. From this research, we were able to establish the following as the top-ranking musicians in Ghana in 2024:

Research 8020 Limited

They’ve scoped out the scene and given us the lowdown on who’s lighting up stages in 2024. Get ready to update your playlists with these top 10 Ghanaian artists who are totally crushing it this year!

1. Sarkodie:

So, Sarkodie came out of nowhere, rocking it in the underground rap scene. He showed off his skills at this rap battle at Adom FM, called Kasahare Level, and that’s where the magic happened. He bumped into this guy, Duncan Williams, who used to be his manager.

Duncan’s the one who hooked him up with Hammer of the Last Two, who’s this big-shot record producer. Hammer was working on his album Volta Regime and let Sarkodie drop a couple of tracks in it. Boom! That was like Sarkodie’s ticket to fame. After that, he put together his first album, Makye, and it was a hit! Fans and critics were all over it, loving every beat.

Ever since, he’s dropped a bunch of killer albums and tracks, racking up a sweet collection of awards. His top track, “Adonai” with Castro, is off-the-charts popular—it’s blown up with over 96 million views! No doubt about it, he’s totally ruling the music scene in Ghana.

2. Gyakie:

Gyakie got the music genes from her fam! Her dad, the famous Ghanaian highlife musician Nana Acheampong, had her chilling with him in the studio since she was eight. She’s not just cool, she’s super talented, drawing her vibes from iconic artists like Asa and R2Bees. Even though she’s still young, she’s already tearing it up in the music scene.

In fact, she is currently the top female artist in Ghana and the second artist in Ghana. One of her most popular songs, “Forever,” became a viral sensation, especially on social media platforms like TikTok.

The song has amassed over 58 million views on YouTube, showcasing Gyakie’s incredible talent and captivating music. It’s amazing to see Gyakie’s rise to success and the widespread popularity of her music. She is undoubtedly making a name for herself in the Ghanaian music scene and beyond.

3. Camidoh:

Raphael Camidoh Kofi Attachie has been all about the music since forever, and now, check it out, he’s one of the top 3 musicians around here! So, here’s the scoop on Camidoh – his adventure into music really kicked off when he rocked the stage at the MTN Hit Maker show back in 2016.

Dude brought some serious vocal heat and dropped some killer tunes. Sure, he didn’t snag the top spot, but who cares? That gig opened doors and got his tunes out there. That’s how he hit the ground running in the music world.

Camidoh has that silky voice that just gets you, you know? He’s dropped some real bangers like “For My Lover” and “Maria.” But, oh man, you gotta listen to the “Sugarcane” Remix – it’s fire! It’s racked up over 92 million views and features cool artists like Mayorkun, King Promise, and Darkoo.

Camidoh’s tunes are this amazing blend of Afro beats, highlife, and a splash of R&B—totally unique and super catchy. He’s been teaming up with a bunch of cool artists on the Ghanaian music scene and is grabbing attention all over the place, not just back home. The guy’s skills and crazy hard work have gotten him nods for some pretty big deals, like the Ghana Music Awards.

4. Black Sherif:

Check out Black Sherif, this up-and-coming star from Ghana who’s totally killing it with his unique vibes and stories that he weaves right into his songs. Dude’s sitting pretty at #4 right now. His tunes mix up those catchy Afrobeat beats with stories that just grab you, making waves with music fans all over the planet.

Black Sherif is seriously killing it in the music scene. His track, “Kwaku the Traveller”? Huge hit. It’s racked up over 25 million views, can you believe that? And awards? He’s got them by the truckload – scooped up a bunch at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, 3Music Awards, and not to mention the Ghana Music Awards. Dude’s on fire!

Black Sheriff’s blowing up the music scene is all about his hustle and love for the beats, scoring him a bunch of die-hard fans. He’s shaking things up big time, leaving his mark everywhere he goes. No doubt, he’s the one to keep your eye on.

5. Shatta Wale:

Hey, did you know about Shatta Wale’s music journey? So, he kicked things off as Bandana but then took a little breather from the tunes. When he bounced back, he totally reinvented himself as Shatta Wale—new vibes, fresh style, and all that. His tracks? They’re all about pumping beats, those stick-in-your-head melodies, and a killer dancehall feel that just makes you wanna move.

He’s dropped a bunch of albums and singles, with killer tracks like “Taking Over,” “My Level,” and “Gringo” that fans totally dig. “Taking Over” is smashing it on YouTube with over 20 million views! Right now, he’s sitting pretty as the #5 best musician around here.

Guess what? Shatta Wale isn’t just rocking the music charts, he’s also hitting the screens in a bunch of Ghanaian movies. The dude’s trophy shelf is getting packed, ’cause he snagged the Artiste of the Year at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards. And on stage? Pure fire. He’s totally owning the dancehall scene and has shot up to being the 4th coolest musician around these parts.

6. Bisa Kdei:

Bisa Kdei is a legit master at whipping up tunes that stick in your head for days, and that’s a big part of what’s made him so dang versatile. His tracks aren’t just rocking the charts; they’re also spinning in the film scene.

He really hit the big time with his bangers for movie soundtracks, especially with that hit “Azonto Ghost” that totally owned it in the same-named Ghanaian flick.

“Check out ‘Mansa’ — it’s a total hit with over 23 million YouTube views! Bisa Kdei isn’t just about the views though; he’s scooped up loads of Ghana Music Awards and more. Right now, he’s chilling at spot #6 on the list. Trust me, Bisa keeps dropping those sweet tunes that fans everywhere just can’t get enough of.”

7. Ebony Reigns (In Memoriam):

Ebony Reigns totally rocked the Ghanaian dancehall scene. She had this fearless vibe in her music, taking on a bunch of social issues and giving women that boost of confidence they need. You’ve gotta check out hits like “Sponsor,” “Maame Hw3,” and “Kupe” – they’re absolute bangers. Plus, “Maame Hw3” is killing it on YouTube with more than 16 million views!

It’s really heartbreaking that Ebony’s journey was cut way too short when she died in a car crash on February 8, 2018. But man, her music? It’s still hitting hard with her fans and her spirit just won’t quit.

Even after she was gone, she scooped up a bunch of awards like the Ghana Music Awards and the 3Music Awards. Ebony Reigns will forever be remembered as this super-talented and bold artist. Her time in the spotlight was brief, but she left a massive mark on the Ghanaian music scene and stands proud at #7 in the country.

8. Stonebwoy:

Stonebwoy started jamming out tunes way back in his school days. He caught on pretty quick that he had a knack for whipping up lyrics and writing solid scripts. He chose the name “Stonebwoy” ’cause it vibes with his tough-as-rocks persona in the music scene.

This dude runs the show at Burniton Music Group as the big boss, and guess what? He’s chillin’ at spot #8 on the musician list.

Check out Stonebwoy! He’s got some killer tracks like “Ololo,” “Bawasaaba,” and “Nominate.” But “Activate”? That one’s on fire on YouTube with more than 11 million views! Stonebwoy isn’t just about catchy tunes; he’s won a ton of awards, like the Ghana Music Awards and even a BET Award for Best International Act. This guy’s really making waves with his vibes, both in Ghana and all around the globe. He’s totally nailing it and bringing the party with every song.

9. King Promise:

King Promise just popped into his buddy’s studio time one day, and boom – that’s when he really got the itch for music. He began to play around with his own style, jot something down, and even team up with some producers.

Back in his last year of high school, the head honcho – yeah, the headmaster – caught him singing during class and was like, “Hey, you gotta get in on the choir action before you graduate.” And then, right when he was about to wrap up uni, life threw him a curveball that changed everything.

So back in 2017, this guy Promise decided to drop his beats on SoundCloud and didn’t stop there – he went all out and spread his sound to every streaming platform out there.

He started getting some serious local hype and before he knew it, he had a bunch of fans vibing to his tunes. His track “Terminator” totally blew up on YouTube, racking up over 34 million hits! And check this, he’s chilling at #9 on this list. That voice of his and the feels in his songs just keep pulling in more listeners. King Promise is straight-up slaying with the melodies.

10. Kofi Kinaata:

Hey there, let’s talk about Kofi Kinaata, alright? This cool cat from Ghana is tearing up the music scene, sitting pretty at #10. He totally burst onto the scene with “Susuka,” a banger of a track that mixes highlife with hip-life in ways you wouldn’t believe. And guess what? It’s blowing up on YouTube with a whopping 7 million views!

Kofi’s tunes are more than just catchy; they pack a punch with messages that make you think about life and stuff happening in society. He’s got a bunch of tracks you’ve gotta check out, like “Confession,” “Things Fall Apart,” and “Behind the Scenes.” Trust me, this guy’s music is the real deal.

Kofi Kinaata’s got a flair for cookin’ up some sweet rhymes and tunes that stick in your head, and it’s no surprise he’s snagged a bunch of awards and a loyal crowd of fans. The man’s shaking up the music scene in Ghana big time, and his beats hit home for folks from all sorts of backgrounds.

Hey music lovers, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Dive into the full scoop on 50 hot Ghanaian artistes right over here. Trust me, it’s the ultimate playlist update! 🎶

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