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51 Best Workout Songs Of All Time 2022 (Motivation)

Looking for a playlist of the best workout songs to get through your Monday morning run? Maybe you require a bit of motivation in the form of a bass-boosted song to complete that next set of reps? Well, this list of the best workout songs will keep you motivated to go that extra mile.

We skipped through numerous tunes to select the best songs for your workouts. These are serious picks that help us get extra motivation to get the most out of our workouts! Without further adieu, let’s delve into the list:

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1. “Stronger” By Kayne West

Kayne West is a well-known lyricist, performer, composer, and music producer who has a diverse range of talents. With all of his abilities, he was able to provide the world with yet another tremendous anthem. “Stronger” by Kayne is a fusion of hip-hop/rap and house music. West used a voice sample from Daft Punk’s “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” to create the track. The upbeat rhythm and hard-hitting lyrics will ensure that you are inspired to engage in even the most demanding exercise.

2. “FU,” By Miley Cyrus Feat. French Montana

Miley Cyrus’ 2013 record Bangerz was a fascinating effort in genre-blending; it included elements of country, Electronica, punk, and hip hop all rolled into one cohesive product. Cyrus’s unique attitude and powerful voice are what make her stand out in every situation. On the song “FU,” which she collaborated with artist French Montana, she doesn’t hesitate. The end product is a playful anthem set to a gritty techno rhythm that is sure to get you moving without fail.

3. “One More Time/Aerodynamic” By Daft Punk

When Daft Punk’s epic blockbuster single “One More Time” was combined with the groovy, instrumental “Aerodynamic” in 2007, the result was nothing short of brilliance. The song easily transforms into a joyful and powerful remix with little effort. Lovers of both tracks will not be dissatisfied with this record. You will be able to go through another set or complete that final rep with relative ease because of the bass pulsing through your headphones. If the drums and bass don’t get you moving, the guitar riffs will most definitely do the trick.

4. “I Like It” By Cardi B Feat. J Balvin And Bad Bunny

Put Cardi B, J Balvin, and Bad Bunny in the same room and you’re certain to get an intoxicating hip-hop and Latin mashup, considering all three are great artists with Hispanic backgrounds. Once Cardi B sings, “I run this sh-t like cardio,” it’s time to get your exercise on. This song is great for a Zumba class or working out alone while doing daunting burpees one after another.

5. “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” By Beyoncé

“Single Ladies,” from Beyonce’s 2008 album Lemonade, is one of the few songs that perfectly captures her charisma at the height of her ability. I doubt that you will realize that you have clocked an additional half mile on the treadmill by the time this upbeat song comes to a close. Don’t try to resist the temptation to perform the iconic “Single Ladies” dance whenever this song comes on. We can attest to the fact that it is a classic for any fitness program, even outside of the gym.

6. “Bad Guy” By Billie Eilish

Billie is a musician that performs as a singer-songwriter. Her debut song, “Ocean Eyes,” brought her to the notice of the public at large in 2015. In “Bad Guy”, the combination of Eilish’s soothing vocals and the badass instrumentals will hold your focus throughout the track. Even though the bass is excellent, the lyrics are simple enough to fit with any exercise regimen.

7. “Raising Hell” By Kesha Feat. Big Freedia

Kesha’s most recent track is bursting with enthusiasm: “Raising Hell” finds her having massive fun over a bouncing bass, with a little help from Big Freedia on the beat and vocals. Her preference for a sung chorus makes it simple to sing along with, which may be beneficial when you’re looking for an additional exercise push.

8. “Body Movin’ (Fatboy Slim Remix)” By The Beastie Boys

This energetic remix from the band’s 1998 album Hello Nasty was a specific case in which the three agreed to enable a mainstream producer to alter a song solely for marketing gain. Fatboy Slim pumped up the guitars and scratching. He even threw some funk into the mix to give the track some uniqueness.

9. “Don’t Stop The Music” By Rihanna

Although Rihanna’s single “Don’t Stop the Music” was released in 2007, it continues to be a gem worth listening to on repeat. It’s something about the strong but straightforwardness of its bass that connects from the get-go.
Furthermore, as the song progresses to its climactic chorus, it’s hard not to feel the rhythm while you are doing whatever workout you’re doing. As Rihanna begs for the music not to stop you will agree as you finish up that last mile.

10. “Push It” By Salt-N-Pepa

Saying that you don’t recall dancing to this song as a child will not get you any cool points. The beat and lyrics alone are enough to get anyone hyped. We suggest this salt and pepper hip-hop anthem for your dance routine. You are sure to outdo any calorie-burning exercise when having this track backing you. since it is inconceivable to be still when listening to this 1988 smash.

11. “Work B*Tch” By Britney Spears

The title of the song tells it all. If you want to see results, you must put in the effort. With this song from one of the most iconic pop singers, you can host your very own Zumba class right inside your own house. Encourage yourself to complete your exercise while also making improvements by listening to this hit Britney song.

12. “Mic Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)” By BTS

BTS’s songs vary from beautiful lullabies to aggressive tunes like “Mic Drop.” Mic Drop is taken from their career-high record Love Yourself. The song flawlessly blends their impressive rapping abilities with dance rhythms and a grim, edge for their adoring fandom.
The remix by Steve Aoki gives a little more vigor to a song that already has a lot of punch. If you can, take a look at the visuals for inspiring dancing to the enticing rhythm.

13. “Times Like These” By Foo Fighters

The Foo Fighters are an American rock band that was founded in Seattle, Washington in 1994 by drummer Dave Grohl.
Aside from Foo Fighters’ 2002 anthem, few energetic songs are more precisely planned and performed to hype nearly anyone while listening. The band’s 2002 anthem aims to help you channel your passion and explosive emotional energy into something like pleasure.

14. “Survivor” By Destiny’s Child

“Survivor,” a legendary Destiny’s Child (Beyoncé, Kelly, and Michelle) powerhouse, is the kind of exercise music you need while you’re on the verge of fatigue. Sing along to hard-hitting lyrics designed to keep you going during the hardest circumstances. Let this song motivate you to get through the last bit of your workout or play it to set the mood for a grueling routine about to start.

15. “Dancing On My Own” By Robyn

This Swedish pop star creates music designed to get your heart racing. She has many club hits with great lyrics that go deeper than most ballads. She aims to stimulate the mind and body with her hits. “Dancing on My Own,” from 2010, leaves you feeling needy and rebellious at the same time. Play this on repeat to work out those complex feelings. Or you can plan out a dance routine just for yourself keeping in line with the title of the song.

16. “BOP” By DaBaby

Artist DaBaby was one of the most intriguing breakthrough rappers in recent memory, with a lively presence in any song he appeared in and a quick flow that set him apart from the crowd. With his contagious enthusiasm, DaBaby comes blazing with his “BOP.” Great rap lyrics mixed with a catchy beat make for another Dababy hit.

17. “Ni**As In Paris” By Jay Z And Kanye West

A Hip hop powerful anthem is here! “Ni**as in Paris” is intended to pump you up to 1000 and leave you feeling exhausted all over. Just try to attempt to call quits when Kanye West is shouting in your ear. You should play this upbeat tune on repeat whenever you feel like going “cray.” Your exercises will be more intense as a result of this banger.

18. “Side To Side” By Ariana Grande Ft. Nicki Minaj

If you’re looking for some inspiration to get you started, this song is a fantastic place to start. Vibe out to the bouncy pace of Grande’s voice and let the pop music move your body effortlessly. This song makes a great workout hit.

19. “Work From Home” Fifth Harmony Feat. Ty Dolla $Ign

The members of Fifth Harmony may have parted ways, but their smash single “Work From Home” remains one of the most memorable pop songs of the decade. As the title states, work from home as you race atop the treadmill or do your daily cycling session. The singing of the group members of Fifth Harmony mixed with the rapping of Ty is a nice mix that will get you pumped to push forward.

20. “Shake It Off” By Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s cheerful smash hit “Shake It Off” did something more than give detractors a taste of her attitude; it signaled the end of Swift’s transformation from country sweetheart to pop star. What better way to set the tone for your transition into a more powerful and fitter version of yourself? So, when this song comes on, shrug off the exhaustion and continue for another 3 minutes.

21. “War Paint” By FLETCHER

“War Paint,” a viral smash hit from 2015, is one of those rousing pop songs that has a way of getting people on their feet and dancing. The song is a feel-good hit that makes moving feel just a bit more exciting.
Because of the upbeat percussion and rousing, uplifting chorus, it makes for an excellent exercise track.

22. “Motivation” By Normani

“Motivation” is the debut single by artist Normani after leaving Fifth Harmony. When Normani says, “Let me be your motivation,” it’s only fair to allow her to lead you through your exercise and serve as the personal trainer you didn’t even realize you were looking for.

23. “Hey Ya!” By Outkast

This awesomely groovy tune from OutKast’s 2003 double album was immediately recognized as a classic upon its release.
Something that has kept the song “Hey Ya” in the charts for so long is that it continues to surprise listeners, even after numerous replays of the song. Incorporate the joyful spirit of the song into your exercise routine.

24. “No New Friends” By LSD

LSD is a band made up of pop genius Sia, DJ Diplo, and artist Labrinth. Their joint work was always guaranteed to be a sequence of absolute pop hits. “No New Friends,” off their 2019 album, is bold, powerful pop with strong percussion and a catchy chorus: perfect for exercise pump-ups.

25. “Hypnotize” By The White Stripes

Hypnotize is a timeless pop-rock hit. It features a catchy tune with a beautiful and gritty guitar and a percussion solo halfway through. This song is about a man who has feelings for a lady but is too timid to approach her. He fantasizes about hypnotizing her so he won’t have to expose himself.

26. “Bring Em Out” By T.I.

This was the artist T.I’s huge hit in 2004. Jay-Z’s vocal sample in the beginning certainly helped a lot. It has become a workout soundtrack staple because of its high-intensity rhythm and motivating lyrics.

27. “Another One Bites The Dust” By Queen

Finding upbeat music for cardio is simple, but for deeper motivation, you may want something hard-hitting in style and tone—something like Queen’s 1980 smash hit (we consider this one of the best 80s rock songs). Lift to the unrelenting bass, and enjoy the added benefit of Freddie Mercury’s booming metal voice encouraging you to seek revenge against whatever is fueling your workout’s rage that day.

28. “Lose Control” By Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott turned to freestyle electro for her smash song “Lose Control.” The song is a reworking of Cybotron’s “Clear.”
With Fatman Scoop’s trademark growl, Ciara’s voice, and Missy’s overall epicness, this uptempo song is the ideal way to get the party started.

29. “Jumpin Jumpin” By Destiny’s Child

“Ladies, leave your man at home,” Destiny’s Child ladies wisely advised you in the late 90s. It was a sensational song at the time, and it still stands up now, two decades later. Luckily, we can imagine the treadmill is the nightclub even if it isn’t.

30. “Numb/Encore” By Linkin Park Feat. Jay-Z

This cross-genre duet between Linkin Park and artist Jay-Z from 2004 has existed for many years as nothing more than a proven workout classic. “What the h*ll are you waiting for?” is a nice pump-up slogan, but it was the song’s unique mix of Linkin Park’s lyrical punk and Jay’s rhyming that keeps it being a classic over the years.

31. “Little Lion Man” By Mumford & Sons

Marcus Mumford says on this self-deprecating breakup song, “I really f**ked it up this time, didn’t I, my dear?”—fairly strong words for a man to have to admit. However, a healthy dose of self-loathing is required for any successful exercise during a troubling time. So let the rage wash over you and dump all of it upon that treadmill.

32. “Sicko Mode” By Travis Scott

Travis Scott’s “Sicko Mode” is the rapper at his most polished. Travis and Drake lyrically tear the beat to pieces with style.
However, what the song does most interestingly is combine samples and genres, resulting in a diverse tune that keeps things fresh — all set to a powerful, gritty rhythm.

33. “I Would Die 4 U” By Prince

The upbeat pop and dance tune from 1984’s Purple Rain is filled with synth-pop, emotional vocals, and groovy breakdowns. This song is defiantly one of Prince’s classic songs that is known by nearly everyone even if you aren’t a die-hard fan.

34. “Paint It Black” By Rolling Stones

“Paint It Black,” the definitive Rolling Stones song, begins with a mesmerizing opening before developing into a blazing rock ‘n’ roll smash with a steady rhythm that’s perfect for pounding asphalt if you need to maintain speed.

35. “All My Friends” By LCD Soundsystem

The buildup of this 2007 song is so beautiful that it’s like it’s been meticulously designed to make you move your body. It begins with a restless piano theme, followed by quick drums and an enticing bass. This song will keep you jogging with its relentless, fantastic experimental electronica energy. The fact that “All My Friends” has lyrical depth makes it a great workout hit when you need emotional motivation with your bass and beat.

36. “Level Up” By Ciara

What could be more motivating than Ciara telling us to “level up?” Ciara goes out of her way to showcase her incredible dance skills – a motivational example of what leveling up looks like. The music is fast-paced and ideal for something like a quick cardio exercise.

37. “Dance Monkey” By Tones And I

Tones and I from Australia blasted off in 2019 with their first worldwide hit “Dance Monkey,” a highly addictive pop song with a catchy melody that won’t let up. It’s a logical match for a workout because the song demands the listener to get up and dance.

38. “Eye Of The Tiger” By Survivor

Was there any possibility you wouldn’t find this classic on a list of workout hits? Ever seen Rocky III? This song is great for doing just what Rocky did: working out until exhaustion.

39. “Con Altura,” By Rosalía And J Balvin Feat. El Guincho

“Con Altura” gets its name from a radio personality’s slogan, which suggests pushing things to the next level. J Balvin’s Colombian reggaetón mastery and Spanish pop singer Rosala, renowned for her flamenco flair, accomplished exactly that. It’s a hit with attitude, and it’s ideal for increasing the intensity of a workout.

40. “Till I Collapse” By Eminem

One of Eminem’s biggest singles actually starts as a motivational talk. In the beginning Em states, “…but you have to go inside yourself, you have to find that inner strength.” So when things get tough, Eminem is there to help you get to the end zone – whichever the exercise or struggle may be.

41. “Keep The Car Running” By Arcade Fire

For the recording of 2007’s Neon Bible, Arcade Fire gathered their typical slew of artists and instruments. The song “Keep the Car Running” is the album’s biggest upbeat and exciting track out on the CD.

42. “I Don’t Care” By Ed Sheeran Feat. Justin Bieber

The exciting, relentless rhythm of Sheeran and Bieber’s 2019 duet will certainly grow on you. There’s a reason Sheeran is still a top-ten chart performer. The sentiment underlying the song can be applied to any kind of exercise as well: just keep on going and putting up with the circumstance, and then you’ll get over it eventually.

43. “God Is A Dancer” By Tiësto And Mabel

In this high-speed electronic tune by the Dutch DJ and producer Tiëson, English vocalist Mabel delivers soulful vocals. Its steadiness makes it a great song for a health club staple.

44. “Here It Goes Again” By OK Go

For “Here It Goes Again,” the band decided to make a classic choreographed video. Fittingly enough, they decided to dance on treadmills. The heavy rhythm that supports the 2006 fast success of this Chicago band provides enough energy for any moderate cardio exercise.

45. “Rhythm Nation” By Janet Jackson

It is the ideal mix of groovy and thumping. The lyrics are a war cry and, in the video, Janet herself inspires us to go to the gym for life. But don’t worry; her esthetics are everyone’s steeple of great health.

46. “Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)” By The Jacksons

“Shake Your Body” was written by Michael Jackson and younger brother Randy Jackson. MJ did lead vocals. Therefore, Michael’s dance floor songs were seductive well before his pop icon days. Play this 1978 record and you will follow every order of the sadly departed icon: “Shake your body down to the ground!”

47. “…Ready For It?” By Taylor Swift

Swift’s 2017 album “Reputation” is full of epic pop. However, “…Ready For It?” features a huge drop, the fiercest rhythm, and the sharpest chorus, making it one of the finest exercise choices.

48. “Roadrunner” By The Modern Lovers

“Roadrunner” is a song composed by Jonathan Richman and performed by Richman and his band in different versions. The song is an ode to Massachusetts Route 128 as described by Richman. It’s not a big jump from enjoying a track about driving down a long road to pushing oneself a few miles around a track while playing the song repeatedly.

49. “Vai Malandra,” By Anitta, MC Zaac And Maejor Feat. Tropkillaz And DJ Yuri Martins

“Vai Malandra,” is a song with a strong hitting team of Brazilian musicians and one American. It’s like an injection of buzzing energy directly into your veins with its delicious, steady rhythm — and lyrics which translate approximately into “Go with your bad self.”

50. “Higher Love” Kygo Feat. Whitney Houston

“Higher Love” has a very long history: initially released with vocals from Chaka Khan by Steve Winwood. In 1990, Whitney Houston made a private cover, although it was restricted. It was again a Billboard success last year and one of the most important Spotify workouts when the Norwegian DJ Kygo made it into a tropical house spin in a show that chops up the song into a club-ready dance.
Ringing and uplifting, it is difficult not to feel the spirit because of the strong voice of Houston.

51. “Believer” Imagine Dragons

Great lyrics to motivate you to push through the pain. This song has high drumbeats and an iconic chorus giving the song its instant classic status. This great workout song is the from rock band Imagine Dragons, headed by Dan Reynolds.

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