Video Drops As Moesha Is Seen Begging A Young Man To Marry Her

Written by Muwaffaq Yunus

Since her resurgence on social media, Moesha has grown an annoying habit of mentioning God’s name every five seconds.

Netizens were inspired by her earnest love for God, and desire to share his good deeds when she first began.

However, as time passes, their admiration for her devotion to God fades into disdain after they accuse her of blasphemy.

In a new video going viral on Instagram, Moesha is spotted amid three young men as she spews her usual baloney.

This time, she bumped into the men, and she had this to say about them after a brief chat.

“I just bumped into these really, really cute guys, and I’m just feeling myself.”

As she spoke, two of the men in the background made gestures at each and couldn’t hold back a smile which turned into laughter.

“I’m feeling myself because they are…they love God. They love food like me, and they say I’m pretty and I’m cute.”

Next, slowly turning to one of the guys seated to her left, she unexpectedly asked, “will you like to marry me?”

Check out the video and the reaction to her question below.




Credit: Gossips24