Talented Kinds 13: Ezvene Burner Crowned Winner

Written by Muwaffaq Yunus

The Talented Kinds reality show thirteen (13), has come to an end and the rapper of the show, Ezvene Burner has been crowned the overall winner. The final show which saw a six major talents in the country gave a people who were present at that time an extraordinary performance to entertain them.

TV3 reality show, Talented Kinds has been one of the major platforms for projecting the talents among the kids who are below the age of twelve. The reality show has been on live television for the past thirteen years now and most talents has been evolved from it. Some of the talents evolve from this reality show includes, Awal, Tutulapato, DJ Switch, Akoranyame among different youngsters in the country. Indeed it has been an amazing reality show in pushing a lot of talent in the country. Though a lot of people have won the talents kinds reality show but the reigning champion as at now is Ezvene Burner the rapper. We say congratulations on winning the reality show and wish you success in your career.


Well, Ezvene Burner since the show started has gave his all and deserves to win it at all cost. Though all the finalist deserve to win depending on how they have engaged the fans throughout the show.