‘She’s wearing a hip pad’ – Ayisha Modi ‘exposed’ on social media after flaunting her newly acquired body

Written by Muwaffaq Yunus

Social media especially the Ghanaian space is loaded with trolls, attacks and ridicule. For one to play on social media for long, he/she needs the ‘I don’t care’ heart to accommodate what may come.

Ayisha Modi as seen in the viral video, wined her waist while exhibiting her enhanced hips, backside, standing boobs and flat tummy.

According to the remarks sighted online by a ghost page @themeganthelion on IG, Ayisha Modi has not gone for body enhancement. It claims she has worn a hip pad just to reveal her curves.

The ghost page further teased that Modi looks like wood even in a hip pad in her quest to look good like her boss ladies.

themeganthelion wrote; “Herh!!!!Abrewa Aisha, A.k.a ZONGO BORLA alias Obaa judas ??? what are u wearing? ????? hip pads??? So u wanna look good like your boss ladies that’s why you’ve been hating on them for no reason? Ofui!!!! Even in hip pads, u look like a wood! ??? 1.7 billion yabutuu face ???”




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