Nana Ama Mc Brown and Baby Maxin take over Social Media with these Pictures

Nana Ama Mc Brown1
Written by Muwaffaq Yunus

Her excellency Empress Nana Ama Mc Brown and Daughter Baby Maxin, took over social media when pictures of the two was posted on their various social media handles. Actress, Tv host, Brand ambassador and movie Producer Nana Ama Mc Brown has been missing in action for couple of months now and the only medium the actress communities with her fans is through her social media handles. The actress has taken a break in her media duties and various reasons has been given by some social media users, but according to the actress what people say on the internet is their personal opinion and not the truth

Nana Ama Mc Brown1

Nana Ama Mc Brown2

Nana Ama Mc Brown3

Nana Ama Mc Brown4

In One of her post on social media, the actress was captured with Baby Maxin standing on a chair whiles she sits, this Picture generated various conversations on social media and some people also commented about the bond between Mc Brown and her Daughter.