My 2nd wife was a mistake, I got her pregnant and had to do small marriage alongside naming ceremony – 2sure

Written by Muwaffaq Yunus

2sure of Date Rush fame has opened up about his two wives and why he still went to the reality show to look for another lady.

Nuhu Mahama alias 2sure has answered questions about his polygamous romantic relationships.

The participant of TV3 Date Rush Season 6 gained internet fame over the weekend when his wife stormed the Live television show to expose him.

The young man went to the Date Rush show to look for love despite being married to a beautiful lady with kids.

This week another lady showed up about being a wife and mother of 2sure’s kid.

Apparently he has two wives, both wives don’t know about the other and he had to guts to participate in a romance reality show to look for another partner.

Despite the shame, he’s granted interview to explain himself.

According to 2sure the 2nd wife isn’t a real wife because she got pregnant when he went hustling in Kumasi.

As a man who respects women, he agreed to see her parents for small traditional marriage  when he was naming the kid.

On why he went to Date Rush, he said he didn’t go in for fame as people are saying but he wanted a woman to do what men and women do.