Hot Video: ‘Death curse’ placed on Afia Schwar’s mom and twins

Written by Muwaffaq Yunus

Her remarks drew a lot of attention from social media users. While some chastised her for her remarks, others regarded her as a bitter individual.


In an interview, Afia Schwar screamed abuses at Mzbel and declared that she despises her. She went on to say that she is waiting for the singer to pass away so she can have a party and rejoice.


Many individuals have publicly chastised her on social media. A socialite and Mzbel Nana Tornado’s buddy is one of the ones who has hounded Afia Schwar over her comments.


Nana Tornado has insulted Afia in a video, saying that some people are eager for the death of Afia’s mother, whom he refers to as “Aunty Koto,” Afia’s twin sons, and Afia herself.