Afia Schwarzenegger Has Slept with All the Girls in Dome – Tonardo Launches Hot New Assault

Written by Muwaffaq Yunus

Afia Schwarzenegger is a lesbian, according to Nana Tonardo, who hit back at Afia following her claim that he’s gay and wears pampers.

Tornado claims Afia Schwarzenegger’s son James is gay. 

He also claims that Afia Schwarzenegger herself is lesbian and has slept with girls in his presence.

When you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes, and Afia’s decision to touch Nana Tonardo is coming with lots of backlash.

Normally, Afia is the shameless one who has no problem going as low as possible to hurt someone she’s beefing.

You can’t beat someone like that in a beef because she will literally say anything and use any insult, no matter how foul, to attack you.

If you have any shred of respectability, there are things you can’t say hence giving Afia Schwar an advantage in any beef.

But not against Odii Torna. If there’s one person in Ghanaian showbiz uniquely suited to beef Afia Schwar, it’s Odii Torna.

He’s just as shameless as Schwarzenegger and would also say anything to attack you.

Schwar made a mistake attacking him by claiming he wears pampers and he’s making sure she regrets it!

According to him, Afia Schwarzenegger is a lesbian who has slept with almost every girl in Dome Pillar 2.

Tonardo claims he knows this for a fact!

In a video response to Schwar, he also revealed how she cheaply sold herself to Johnny the first time she met him in America, before later stealing his gold watch.

It is on and Afia now has to respond because this beatdown is just too much!

Watch Nana Tonardo expose Afia Schwarzenegger as lesbian below…





Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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