Afia Schwar Busted after Allegedly Stealing Australian Man’s Phone and Hiding it in her Kpekus – Details Drop

Written by Muwaffaq Yunus

Nana Tonardo lobbed new missiles at Afia Schwarzenegger in their never-ending beef, accusing her of stealing a friend’s husband’s phone.

Tornado claims Afia Schwarzenegger is a chronic thief, revealing another instance in which she tried stealing from a close friend.

Afia’s nemesis already exposed her theft of Johnny’s gold chain in the USA.

In a new update, he revealed that Afia tried stealing the phone of her friend Afrakoma’s husband at Holiday Inn Hotel.

Fufu Funu allegedly tried to steal the man’s phone and stash it in her kpekus, Tornado claims.

According to him, the man’s phone went missing and they all tried searching for it.

Afia was asked if she’d seen it but she denied having any knowledge of the phone’s whereabouts.

Tornado claims the couple tried calling the phone, at which point it started ringing in Afia’s vayjay.

Nana Tonardo narrated the hilarious incident in a video below…