10 Most Impressive Presidential Palaces in Africa – Omo Naijah!


10 Most Impressive Presidential Palaces in Africa – Omo Naijah!
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The Top 10 Most Impressive Presidential Palaces in Africa.

A presidential palace is the official residence of the president. It not only demonstrates the strength of the country, but also, in some cases, the power or wealth of the person in charge.

In Africa, the presidential palaces are famous for being very beautiful and expensive. Here are the 10 Most Impressive Presidential Palaces in Africa as of 2020.

1. Abdeen Palace.

The Abdeen Palace is a historic palace located in Cairo and is one of the official residences and the principal workplace of the President of Egypt. A symbol of power in Egypt, it took ten long years to arrive at the inauguration of this masterpiece.

Abdeen Palace is built on an area of ​​24 hectares and was built by French architect Léon Rousseau. This historic monument is located on the site of a small mansion owned by Abdeen Bey. It is considered to be one of the most sumptuous palaces in the world in terms of its adornments and paintings.

The palace was Built under the rule of Ismail Pasha, to become Egypt’s official government headquarters. The construction started in 1863 and was officially inaugurated in 1874. At the time of its construction in 1863, the cost of building the palace reached 700,000 Egyptian pounds in addition to 2 million Egyptian pounds for its furnishing.


2. The Unity Palace, Located in Yaoundé Cameroon.

With the towering pillars that holds its walls, pleasant surroundings and verdant greenery around it, the Unity Palace is the 2nd most impressive presidential palace on the African continent. The Unity Palace is a striking work of art. Located in the region Etoudi, Yaounde, it is the presidential palace of the President of Cameroon.

The President of Cameroon has been using the palace since November 6, 1982, when he assumed Office. The Unity Palace also houses most of the services related to the Presidency of the Republic and the General Secretariat of the Republic.

Its shape, its architecture, and its presence illuminate all the political capital of Cameroon. The palace was designed by Clement Olivier Cacoub a Franco-Tunisian. The main building sits in the middle of the complex and stretches over several hectares.


3. The Union Buildings.

The Union Buildings form the official seat of the South African Government and also house the offices of the President of South Africa. The buildings are located in Pretoria, close to the historic Church Square, and the Voortrekker Monument. Though not in the center of Pretoria, the Union Buildings occupy the highest point of Pretoria, and is listed as a South African national heritage site.

The Architectural styles of the building ranges from the lower levels’ Edwardian style to the top levels’ Cape Dutch design with shutters on the windows. The Buildings are one of the centers of political life in South Africa, and has become an iconic landmark in the country. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city and an emblem of democracy. Pretoria is the political capital of South Africa, it has the second highest number of embassies in the world, after Washington D.C.


4. State House of Namibia.

The State House of the Republic of Namibia is located in Windhoek, the capital and administrative capital of the country. It is the official residence of the President of Namibia. Located in the Auasblick suburb of Windhoek. The State House was constructed by Mansudae Overseas Projects of North Korea from September 2002 to March 2008, a total of 66 months.

Ranked as the 4th most Impressive presidential residence in Africa, this administrative building cost the Namibian government an estimated 27 million dollars. The site covers 25 hectares and is bordered by a two-kilometer long steel fence. The administrative area consists of the Office of the President, the offices of cabinet members, and 200 staff offices. In September 2002, at the end of his term, Sam Nujoma, the first President of Namibia, had construction begin on the new building to replace the old State House in the inner city.


5. The Jubilee House. Located in Accra Ghana.

Golden Jubilee House, or Jubilee House, is the presidential palace in Accra that serves as a residence and office to the President of Ghana. The Jubilee House is built on the site of a building that was constructed and used for administrative purposes by the British Gold Coast Government.

It was renamed Golden Jubilee House by President Nana Addo on 29 March 2018. It has previously been known as The Flagstaff House. The Flagstaff House was reconstructed and inaugurated by the government of John Agyekum Kufour, and is ranked as one of Africa’s most fascinating presidential complex.

The Building of the palace was overseen by an Indian contractor who used Ghanaian sub-contractors. The original budget for the reconstruction was a 30 million dollar grant from the Indian government. However, BBC reported the construction may have cost as much as 50 million dollars.


6. Iavoloha Palace. Located in Antananarivo Madagascar.

Situated at the base of a hilltop, with its beauty and grandeur, Iavoloha Palace is one of a kind. Located 15km to the south from Antananarivo, the capital and largest city of Madagascar, it is the Presidential palace of the President of the country. This presidential palace is the 6th most impressive in Africa, and was modeled on the Rova of Antananarivo.

Like Côte d’Ivoire, Madagascar is another country with two presidential palaces. Ambohitsirohitra Palace and Iavoloha Palace. The Iavoloha Palace has always been painted white, and its architecture is almost identical to that of the Queen’s Palace in Manjakamiadana, sovereign of Madagascar in the nineteenth century. This magnificent structure is often the object of curiosity to tourists passing through Antananarivo.


7. Gordon’s Palace. Located in Khartoum Sudan.

Adorned with invaluable relics and antiques, This Presidential Palace is located on Blue Nile Street, adjacent to the Palace Museum in Khartoum and is a historical site in Sudan. The Palace serves as residence and administrative office of the President of the country.

Gordon’s Palace is the 7th most impressive presidential palace in Africa. When you are told about the works of the spirit, here is an example. The Khartoum Palace is a masterpiece, its splendor and particularity characterized by its border with the Nile is a strategic asset.


8. The Presidential Palace of Mauritania.

This Presidential Palace is the presidential residence of the President of Mauritania, located in Nouakchott, the capital and largest city of Mauritania, it is ranked as Africa’s 8th most impressive presidential complex. It is located in the center of the city and is by far the most prominent landmark in the city.

Set in extensive gardens and grounds it lies just northwest of the Lebanese International University, adjacent to the US embassy. Built by Chinese contractors, the Presidential Palace is the most outstanding landmark in the city. This site houses the President of Mauritania and is the principal administrative office of the government of the country.


9. The Presidential Palace of Senegal.

Located in Dakar, the capital and largest city of Senegal. The Palace of the President of Senegal is considered a historic house. It was the official residence of the Governor-General of French West Africa.

The construction of the Presidential Palace in Dakar started in 1902, by Gaston Doumergue, who was then Minister of the Colonies living in St. Louis and intended staying in the capital as the governor of French West Africa at the time.

With the elegant white vantage and extensive gardens beautifying it, The Presidential Palace of Senegal is not just one of the most beautiful sites in Africa, it is also the 9th most impressive on the African continent.


10. State House Kampala, Uganda.

Located in Kampala, the capital and largest city of Uganda. State House is the official residence of the President of Uganda. The very first State House was constructed in Entebbe, long before Independence, largely because Entebbe was the first Capital city of the colonial government.

State House is not just a residence. It has so many amenities that make it almost self sustaining. Among these amenities are the offices for State House employees and several conference halls, guest wings, health clubs, and recreation facilities.

Ranked as one of Africa’s most impressive presidential residence, State house is situated at Entebbe, 40km south of Kampala, it is adjacent to a ceremonial “H” shaped building, and hosted the Queen of England on her visit to Uganda for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.



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